Monday, December 1, 2008


Now I am not one for discriminating against who I have sex with. I like the young (legal of coarse) and the older. I enjoy all different types of ethnicity. This is where 36 comes in. I was doing my usual Sunday routine, my favorite bar, $2 bloody marys, and my Giants (man they are having a great season, and no don't ask me about the idiot who shot himself, dumbass). Now at this bar, it is a very varied crowd. It's not a bar where there is just one favorite team, it's a very chill type of bar (if you include penalty flags being thrown, tons of yelling at the tvs, and the occasional chest bumps). I am normally the only regular giants fan, but sometime a few people that I know will come in and we catch up.
As I am sitting around with Jersey ( haven't figured him out yet, but who can figure out a Jets fan?) in enters 36. Now mind you he looks really good for his age and when he tilts his head just so he has the Ben Aflack (not sure if that is how you spell it) look about him. We have our normal conversation (stat sharing) and begin to cheer for our G-men against the loud and obnoxious Red Skins fans (sometimes they can be worst then a Cowboys fan).
Needless to say that our day started at 11am and didn't end till two (man my bar tab was expensive that day). Everything started to get a little more interesting when we decided to play pool (I really really really suck at pool). So the bet is made and lost. The next bar that we go to I have to wear nothing but my jersey and boy shorts and a pair of knee-high boots. Needless to say.... I got a lot of looks that night. So there I was in nothing buy my boots, Tiki Barber jersey, and my oh so not covering as much as it should underwear. We are off to the next bar. Luckily it is cold and I can get away with wearing my long coat. As the night continues, and the bar hopping takes place, I proceed to make my own fun up. If the guys want to take me around and have everyone look at me odd, then I am going to take them to a bar where they will feel the same. And so we end up at a goth bar. Now mind you their in jerseys, jeans and tennis shoes. So I am not the only one out of place.
By this time with my new found drunken courage, 36 and I nestle up in a corner and begin to make out heavily, while his friend is off to find a partner of his own.
The night is ending, the lights are coming on, and your realizing you have been out for way too long and maybe they changed the clock? I have found my entertainment for the night and his friend has found his, and we say our good byes. I can tell the eyes on mister 36 and know exactly what is going to happen next.


sexy hotwife said...

This sounds like a very fun evening! I am looking forward to reading the next post about 36. Maybe you should think about visitng a little further south where the natives are a tad bit more friendly towards those Giants fans. I'd happily pick up the first and all rounds. ;)
Thanks for sharing.

Smartass said...

Thanks ~sexy hotwife~ If I ever head close to the south I will let you know. I just might have to bring my jersey!