Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Memory

So since I am not getting any lately I thought that I would dig into my memories and share one of my all time favorites. We will call him J. J and I dated for a summer, he was emotionally screwed up but I stuck around for the amazing sex. We were not about dates and anniversaries (thank god) but more about hanging out with friends at the bar and leaving to have sex (thank god). Well my birthday falls around the summer time so can you guess what my birthday present was, you guessed it sex (is there anything better).

So all of my friends and I went to our favorite bar and toasted my birthday. Last call comes around and J and I head back to my place. He had gotten my flowers and paid for my drinks, I thought that was going to be it and that was all I cared for, but I was oh so wrong. We got home and I jumped on the computer to put in a movie so my neighbors wouldn't be too disturbed. He stopped me and told me he had brought a movie for us to watch. I let him put it in as I got ready for bed. I turned around and there he was standing with a movie in one hand and ropes in the other. My heart quickened. I gave him a devilish smile and asked "are those for me or are those for you" with which he quickly replied "Its your birthday, they are for you silly. I am going to tie you down and pleasure you, but you won't cum until the end of this movie." I was half smiling and half scared. A hour and more with being tied to the bed and not being able to cum.....bring it on.

I laid down and let him tie me up. At first he just tied my hands up, one to each corner of the bed. I lay there completely naked, completely vulnerable, but my sense had heightened and I could feel every inch of me trembling. Then he blind folded me. I fell back and let him just take over, he kissed me deeply and started the movie, and my birthday present.

He started with just running his hands up and down the sides of my body, provoking me to wiggle when ever he got to a tickle spot. Then he placed his lips, so gently, onto my neck and gave me a sweet tinder kiss. Moving quickly he look one of my hard nipples into his mouth and bit just enough to make me cry out. I could see him smiling in my mind, he moved to the other and began to lick all around it. I could feel pleasure rising in me and knew that I was not going to make it through the whole movie, I couldn't even tell how far along the movie was. He slipped one hand under my back and the other roamed my soaking pussy. His lips were back to my neck as he teased me. Not touching, but just gently gliding his hand over, not giving enough pressure to please, but just enough to tease and make me try and push against his hand. He took one finger and gently and slowly pulled my slit apart. He kissed me all the way down to the top of my clit. I was sure that I was going to get some sort of release.

He flicked my clit with his tongue and I shook. I wanted more, I wanted to have him in me, filling me completely, but I was denied. He stopped, I could fell him on the bed still but I could not tell what he was doing, this blindfold was getting to be annoying but fun. Then I hear a click and a buzzing started. "I hope you like your new toy" and with that he placed the vibrating thing onto my clit and I about jumped. He quickly pulled it away and said "remember your not going to get to come until the movie is over and it is no where close to being over." With that he placed the vibration deep inside me, enough to make feel some pleasure but enough to where I always wanted more. He continued to lick my dripping cunt and every time I came close he would stop and I would sigh. By the end of the movie I was drained and frustrated, I was hating this birthday present. Two hours of not being able to come once, I was done but couldn't do anything about it.

I am not sure but I do believe the movie had ended, at this point I had lost all tract of time and senses. He untied me, I almost felt like a wild animal and wanted to pounce on him right then and there. I lurched for him and he caught me by my wrist. He flipped me around and place me on my stomach. He grab both of my hands and tied them together and then to the bed. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up. In one quick move he thrust into me and I moaned in complete pleasure. The movie had ended and I didn't even know it. He pounded me hard as if he knew that was what I needed. I lost track of time and space and enjoyed every orgasm that rushed over me. It was truly a great birthday.


Anonymous said...

great story.
Ropes always seem to come out on birthdays. I can't wait for mine!

Anonymous said...

So when is your next birthday coming up? A year older a perhaps a better present? Very sexy post!

relevent married guy said...

Hmmmm...delicious. What sweet torment. It must have been at one frustrating and delightfully satisfying.

Happy New Year my little S. May only the most wonderful things come your way this year!