Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Raver

I am not a big fan of raves, honestly if your not on something it is really not that fun. I think it all stems back to the point in time where my friends would all drag me, take some drug (acid, LSD, Ecstasy) and forget to tell me. They would sit on the booming speakers and the only thing I could think of was "this freaking sucks." I am sure if I was of age at the time I would of gotten drunk and had a blast. But the awful times just keep me away from any type of raver club that would drive me crazy. I have to hold on to as much sanity as I have left, if there is any.

One very stimulating Friday night my friend, we will call her lady S, decides we need to go out dancing. Yea, I love to dance, it is one of my favorite things. We must of went to about 5 different bars until we ended up in one that was somewhat decent, except for the lovely raver type music. Well at this point I am tipsy and just want to stay put and drink some more. After about, oh I don't know, 5 more drinks, I am really into it. So I am dancing and happen to back into (ok you got me, trip, hey I was drunk what more do you want out of a girl in 4inch heels) and stubble upon raver. Oh, super cute shaggy type hair with amazing eyes. I grab his glow sticks, I want to play and I think he can tell. After about an hour or so, I decide it is time to go.

Back to my place (you know I have come to the realization that I really hate spending the night somewhere else, I mean really really hate it). We enter my apartment and I ask him if he would like a drink, and of coarse I am off to the kitchen. I return, and there he is pants unzipped and a huge erection just out there in the open, and I blush. How can this guy know what exactly I like (then I think, duh drinking, dancing, and ending up at my place "Hello captain obvious defender of the already known"). I coyly come over and sit on the couch. I take his hand away and place the drink in it. I look at him, take a sip of my drink, place it on the end table and begin to take over where his hand left off. He mutters the words "good girl" and I just about melt. The felling of praise is lifting my spirits and lowering my inhibitions. I slip off the couch and onto my knees, while taking off his pants. I slip the tip just barely between my lips. His looks down at me and grabs my hair, and thrust into my mouth. He lets out a growl and I know that I am in for a treat tonight. I continue for a while and then he looks at me and says "get up." I slide up between his legs and kiss him passionately. In one quick motion he scoops me up, lifting the dress that is barely existent he whispers into my ear "good girl" and gives me a rewarding smack on my ass.

The next thing I know is he is throwing my like a rag doll unto the bed. He yaks my skirt off, but leaves my thigh high white socks on and my black mary jane shoes. He tells me to get to the edge of the bed and bend over. I am there and can feel him pushing the tip of his dick at my opening. I squirm backward hoping that I can have more of him, and in one great stroke he thrust all the way in and I whimper. He leans down to my ear and whispers again "good girl." I can feel him thrusting deep and hard into me, he grabs my tits and pulls my back onto his chest. With one hand wrapped around my tits and the other traveling south, he has found my clit, and i squirm. As he is pumping into me and ravaging my clit, I can feel my climax coming. My breath heightens and my whimpers become moans, and soon I can't help myself but I am yelling. I shake violently as I reach my climax and he lets me fall onto the bed. He leans down and once again whispers "good girl."

He flips me over onto my back and enters my dripping pussy once again. I am still feeling the after shocks of what just happened but I can't help to want more. I roll him over onto his back and straddle him. I ride him until I am close and then he grabs my hips and stops me. He sits up with me still straddling him and pulls my hair back and my head reluctantly follows. He whispers the words "not yet bitch" and I am flown out of my ecstasy and into shock. "you will come when I let you come" and I have this desire to please him again and hear my "good girl" again. I try my best to nob my head and he understands what I am trying to say.

With one quick hand behind my back he picks me up and carries me to the table. He lays me down and puts my legs on his shoulders. He enters me and I can feel him so deep inside me. He pounds away holding my legs against him, and then he drops them. He leans over and grabs my neck, and begins to thrust deep inside me. I start to quiver and he knows what is going to happen and I know the same will be true for him. Not but seconds later I feel him squirm and can feel him shooting into me. He collapses on top of me and before he can get out those words that I couldn't wait to hear, I whisper "good boy"


Anonymous said...

hot, very hot

relevent married guy said... just did it again. You are very good at this blog thing! ;)
So when are you going to venture south?

Anonymous said...

Sexy story! I'm just now finding your blog and really enjoying it so far. Really hot writing! Keep it up!

Smartass said...

Caplyst: thanks again,

Revevent: Well I have family in the south and head down twice a year, I will have to let you know when I book my next trip.

Mr: Glad you like it, hope you keep cuming back:)

Anonymous said...

You don't even have to go south, well at least not very far south for me! And I will keep cuming back!