Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ex, how do you get rid of them

So my weekend went by with much of friends and drinking, and of coarse the Giants pulling that win out of their ass. Then on Friday night when I was hanging out with Q my ex decides, after two months with out talking, to send me a text. Seriously after I read it I just wanted to punch him in the face. It wasn't anything bad, but it was just plain retarded. I will let you judge....

"Hey, I know u hate me but Lelia just whispered in my ear and told me I should marry you."

There are so many things that are so irritating about this.
1) Where was this when we were together and I was completely and totally head over heels in love with him.
2) Just because he sends me that message does not mean I am just going to run into his arms and forget anything ever happened.
3) His 5 year old daughter is smarter then him. At least she knows something good when she sees it.

I didn't respond. I could think of anything other then to just say, "I lost my phone who is this" but that would of been to mean. Plus I really don't want to talk to him things with Q are going so well. Another post I promise.


Anonymous said...

That's not a cool move. I guess you have to find out the hard way sometimes and I bet he feels like an ass right now.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky you are not with that putz. They should take is his daughter away from him, on the grounds this guy is stupid. Is his daughter chosing the stocks and mutal funds in his 401K too?

You are better off.
Sorry for being so mean, but I work has me pissed today.

Max said...

Probably not responding is the best revenge of all.

... or you could photo text him back of you doing something "innapropriate" with someone else.


Smartass said...

Thanks for all the help...I never responded and deleted the message and number. Its best not to beat a dead horse. I just hope that he got the hint.

relevent married guy said...

Hint shmint.....:) He probably won't notice.
But what I brought you here today was to tell you this;
Merry Christmas!