Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Very Busy Weekend

Enters in Q, stage left of coarse. How can I put how this happened, I am still trying to figure it out. Well, I normally spend my Sunday nights at a goth club. I know, I know, no I am not really goth, I just enjoy getting dressed up (it's like halloween every week) in what ever I want to wear and head down to dance among new friends. I tend to just dance and drink and then go home, not much to it. If you ever wondered, they are actually some of the nicest people I have ever met, you should really try it out sometime.

So there I am dancing (this is not one of those bump and grind clubs, its more solo move to the music) and all the sudden I feel two hands wrap onto my hips. I assume it is someone I know because no one at the club would come up and do this. I turn around and have no clue who the fuck this guy is, I am stunned. He just lets go and walks away. I take a minute to look around confused, seeking for some explanation in the crowd, nothing. Q realizes the look on my face and ask if I knew that guy, I explain to him that I didn't and ask if he did, nope still nothing on the hip bandit mystery.

That is when Q and I kind of hit it off, he sees that my drink is almost empty and ask if I would like another, um duh. Off we go to get more wasted.

So I will take a minute and explain him to you (by the way I totally fall for emo or goth guys, don't ask me why). He is 6 foot 4 to my 5 foot exact (I know I am tiny), Black hair with two orange stripes down the side (I guess I like this look because it means they have balls and don't care) His pants are hand made almost looking like something out of "A nightmare before Christmas" Orange eyes (make-up) another thing I find wildly attractive (still have no idea why) and black finger nail polish (hey we matched).

We hit it off, and end up going to a place for after hours, about two blocks away from my house. We sit around with the owner and drink and talk and drink and talk, I know we are so creative. Then the night is at a end, and where else better to go? My place!!! We end up back, but realizing its 5am on a Sunday and I am drunk and have to work (damn it, this is going to suck) we crash with nothing but our under ware on.

Wouldn't you just guess what happened, I slept in and was going to be late for work. I decide this hangover and the fact that I was still drunk was just too much to bear at work. I called out. Then Q and I decided that we still needed to get to know each other and also nurse our crappy hangovers. We head back to his place (this way his car won't get a ticket in the city). We hang out all day in bed, got some egg nogg and rum, and chatted the night away. He said that he normally doesn't meet new people like this (yea right) and that he was glad that he met me. We finally get back to sleep around 4am (damn tomorrow is going to suck). We decide that having sex right now is not a good thing and that maybe we should wait (Also M is going to be coming back soon and I really don't want to start a relationship). But if anything I think that we could be really good friends (naked friends even).

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