Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Ex part 2, and M's introduction.

And we have done it again, in our normal record time (less then a week). But I think I almost initiated this one, I actually know that I did. I am just more into the thought of him rather then being with him. Plus, there is also another reason.

I'll call him M. We meet when all my friends would want to save money but still hang out. We would pick whose building we would hang out in front of and chill on their stoops. Everyone would bring their own choice of beverage. Thankfully in downtown Denver the cops really don't care if your outside your place having fun, as long as you don't run around causing disturbances.
I met M one night and we completely hit it off. We sat kind of off from the group at first, just trying to get to know each other. We both had our Ipods on us and decided to create a play list for each other. I listened to his while he picked the songs, and he was listing to mine while I picked the songs (I know totally high school behavior, but at least we had drinks). Eventually my bottle (or two) of wine got the best of me and I lost track of time and M.

Oh well, another guy that I had meet and had a good time with, no big deal. Then I saw him a few weeks later, we decided to exchange numbers and catch up. He meet me at my favorite bar a few days later. I there learned that he was moving back home (east coast). We decided that we would keep it casual and just hang out and have fun. So for the last week that he was in town we spent all of our time together. Hung out all day in my bed, had sex whenever we both got hot and bothered, ordered in and basically never left the house. Then he had to leave. We decided to keep in touch, he wanted to come back and visit and I was all for that.

A few weeks passed, talking maybe once or twice a week. Then I got a great phone call. He decided that he was moving back home, it wasn't working and wasn't as good as he thought it would be. He wanted to come back! So after New Years he is going to come back and live with me until he can find a place. I can't wait.

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sexy hotwife said...

Sometimes when I read your blog, I really think you are an old friend of mine from NOLA. She was just as sweet and sexy as you sound.
Good for you too!
I hope you had a nice holiday!