Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Well, as many of you know, Halloween is for girls to have an excuse to dress up like sluts, this is really not my cup of tea. I had planed something that was a little more low key so I could be my hyper self and not worry if my ass is falling out of the costume. I got my costume from the little boys department and just wore my superman man shirt and jeans (I am a very tiny lady only about 5'1). Nothing fancy just something so that I was looking the part. I went out with my regular crew and got the night going.

It all started out with our normal shinanigans. My friend K and her boyfriend (toy) decided to dress up like the Juno couple. She was of coarse "pregnat" at this point (about 4 drinks in) I decided that we needed a picture of her giving "birth" to Superman aka me. Which led into so many different situations and trouble.

Need less to say, I was a few drinks in when one of my friends decided to set me up with his friend. A doctor with the last name doctor (spelled differently of coarse, hey I am kind of nice not giving out identity). So everyone called him doctor doctor. He was dressed as a pirate, a doctor doctor pirate. He was a little to "cocky" for my taste but he was at least nice to look at. Around this time he is starting to flirt heavily with me and I want to evade alot of his passes. So this is my time to show him that he is not the one calling the shots. I grab his plastic sword and proceed to smack him with it every time he becomes annoying. And then I realize that he might just be into this type of treatment (Score one for the home team).

I guess I should take a side note and tell you that I like a lot of biting, hair pulling and spanking in my sex life, or everyday life for that matter. Something about it seems so raw and animistic.

Anyways, back to me beating up the Pirate doctor. It was fun, he kept telling me how much he had a high pain tolerance and I took full advantage of this. I was biting him to the point where he would almost bleed, and then he would come back and try and test my even higher pain tolerance, poor boy didn't have a chance. This went on for a while but then we ended at our final bar. The ladies bath room was on the other side of the bar, where their seemed to magically be no people. I took this as my chance to see what this doctor was all about and if he had passed his female anatomy class, and also worth taking home later. The bathroom was one of those where it was a single room and the door locked so no one could get in and no one would really think that you are in a stall making out and getting hot and heavy. On one side is a nice table so I decide that I will sit right there and proceed with this makeout session. Damn I do have to say he is one hell of a kisser, at least of what I remember (drink 8 by now).

Then and there I decided to take him home. I hailed a cab and we were off. Everything at that point started to become a blur. Whose hand is whose and why were we not in my bed yet. I learned a new rule that night never travel too far away from home if you can help it. Finally after dying to get into my front door we make it. Finally we are in and clothes are flying everywhere. Finally making our way to my bed room, one thought occurs "Shit I'm out of Condoms" so i ask him if he has some and he says he does not and that it would be ok.

Yea go ahead, read that last sentence again. A doctor is telling me it would be ok with out one. I'm Sorry, at that point I tell him to get dressed and leave. Damn, there went my night of fun. Oh well maybe next time.

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