Thursday, November 6, 2008

The wrong car?

Well it was Sunday, and my Sunday's consist of me going down to my favorite bar and watching my team ( the Giants). And before you go "Oh god, here is another girl that likes the team that won the Superbowl" I was born and raised a Giants fan. This is what my family has done for as long as I can remember. The first thing my Dad taught me was to throw my hands in the air and yell "Touchdown Giants." This is also the first thing I taught my little brother.

So Sundays at the bar with my friends. They are not Giants fans but they come watch me jump all over the place. There we are $2 bloody Marys, Cowboys vs. Giants, and great company. I'm sending my dad updates by text (the wife wouldn't let him out to see it). The fun all started at 2pm which quickly turns into a very long night.

We stick around for my friend J's birthday and drink more. At this point everyone decides to move bars. We all pay our tabs and leave. At this point I am pretty drunk (it's about 9 and I have been going since 2). I am walking down the street and look to my right and see a land rover with three guys in it. So I yell at them "Go Giants" as I am wearing my Tiki Barber jersey. For some reason (the drinks) I run to the car and just jump in. My intention is to go a few blocks, hopefully closer to the bar that we are going to, jump out and thank them. Well it didn't happen quite as I had planned.

They were all impressed with my "out-goingness" and we start to talk. They are all gay and going to the gay strip club! What luck do I have, and they decide that I have to come with them. With no complaints I go to the strip club. What a shock. Now, I am not homophobic or anything just my normal bar does not consist of a lot of men striping and a lot of customers being older, I mean cane in hand older. Which made me wonder if they were married, if they were this open when they were younger, and many other things that I wanted to know. But me being about the only girl there decides its best to keep to my newly found friends. Which turns out to be a really good idea. I first discover that they are all not gay, the hot one is bi ( I am perfectly ok with all of this and rather intrigued). This is the point that he decides to kiss me, and it was very hot. But then sadly enough (insert sarcasm here) he has to go do his job and strip.

While waiting around I bump into another fellow girl and decide to stick closely to her. We pick a table and decide to watch the fun unfold. All I have to say ladies is I thought guys stripping wouldn't be as interesting as seeing a girl strip, but I was oh so wrong. I was mesmerized, staring at these perfect bodies moving around me. I mean there stomachs and thighs are just up on stage for me to enjoy. The perfectly sculpted muscles are just perfect eye candy. I literally can't help but to think of many possibilities for my stripper and me. I watch him walk around and talking to guys and strangely this is more of a turn on then a turn off.

I lost track of time and before I know it last call was upon me. The guy, that I have been playing eye games with as he dances and stealing forbidden kisses from when the manager is not looking, decides to program his number into my phone. With no objections from me, I gladly hand over my phone. But damn, the manager sees this and comes over to state that it was not allowed and strictly forbidden. At this point he has to go back and change and I have to leave because the bar is closing. Damn.

With that I decide that it is better just to go home instead of looking like the girl that is standing outside a gay strip club waiting on some one. Not what I really want to do at this time of the night. Oh well, maybe ill go back and see if I can't find him again, this time with one of my gay friends so I don't look so odd in the crowd. Until then I'll just have sweet dreams.


sexy hotwife said...

The gay friend. Everyone's got one! :) I remember and old girl friend in New Orleans who once took me to two gay strip clubs. We ended up having a great time. It was so far from my sense of self, but it was a new adventure that i would repeat. I really am enjoying your blog. I think that you really have the makings of a great one here! Thanks for sharing.........

Merlin said...

Why is it forbidden? The manager doesn't want the customers to think any of the performers could actually find a woman attractive?

Hopefully you'll find him again, and far less narrow-minded.