Friday, November 21, 2008

The Cowboy

Ahhh... I do have to say that I always fall for a man in a great cowboy hat, and last night was no exception. While out with my friends, at our local bar, I spotted this tall dark and hansom man wearing a black cowboy hat all dressed in black. This guy was seriously the twin on Adrian Grenier, serious eye candy.

My friends and I decide to go over to the other side, or venue, of the bar. They have some people spinning and they are playing some really good music (or at least the tipsy part of me thought so). My friends and I are dancing, being our usual hilarious selves, when over my shoulder I catch the cowboy looking my way. I flirt a little with my eyes until he gets the hint and heads over in my direction. There was no talk, no names, and best of all no delay. The only words expressed that evening was "Let's find somewhere a little more quiet" We head back to my apartment, only a block away and quite convenient.

We barely make it into my apartment, and he has me pinned against the wall. He leans in and kisses me, oh god what a great kisser. He has my hands pinned up above me and with one quick motion he places his arm behind me, picks me up and tosses me onto the bed. He then leans over me and starts to take off his shirt. I then get up on the bed and on to my knees and help him remove a barrier that no longer needs to exist. At this he becomes excited and decides that he wants to be in control again. He reaches down and in one quick motion my shirt is off. Towering over me he pushes me back onto the bed and climbs on top of me. He begins to kiss me which just makes me want more of him, with one hand placed beside me he takes the other and slowly undoes my pants. I can't wait and long and decide to help him out, but he grabs my wandering hand and pins it to the bed. He wants to make me suffer, he wants me to ache for him more.

Finally he has my pants off and he slowly lowers and move my lace panties to the side. With that his tong has found my wet slit and is pushing into me. My breath starts to quicken and he notices the change. He takes his hand and slide a finger into me, I quickly thrust my hips so that I can feel him in there deeper. I am running my hands through his hair enjoying every minute. I soon begin to quiver and shake and he notices I am about to cum. He stops.

Confused and frustrated I decide that it is time for me to take charge. I grab his hair and yank him up, I then use my legs to flip him over, I sit straddling him. For his good behavior in following my lead I give him a very deep kiss, I can taste myself on him. I lower my body down him and then proceed to take his pants off. In one quick moment I realize his breath has also started to heighten. After little struggle he is laying stark naked on my bed, and I am enjoying the sight. I the decide to return the favor. I slowly take his hard cock into my mouth, I slowly take it deeper and deeper, wanting to make him suffer like he made me. I take his throbbing cock out of my mouth and slowly trace circles with my tong around the head. I can see his frustrations growing. I decide he has suffered long enough and climb my way back on top of him. I notice his hat laying on the floor, I grab it and put it on. If you can imagine, me straddling him, completely naked and wearing nothing but a black cowboy hat. I reach down and press his hard dick at the opening of my soaking wet pussy. This makes him start to push up so to enter me. I allow it, and I slide down onto him. I let out a gasp and start to enjoy myself.

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sexy hotwife said...

:).....{deep and long breath}...well that was just truly incredible. So wonderfully erotic. You really do sound like fun!
Thanks for sharing. It's a good thing you are so far away. lol