Thursday, January 8, 2009

Q and I

So it finnaly happened....Q and I had sex. And while I want to write a lovely post about how great and pleasing it was, I can't *sigh*. I don't know where to start. I am not saying it was bad, but it was extremely akward. I learned a lot about him, it may also not of helped that we were both pretty drunk. I think if we had not been drinking nothing would of happened. So here is what I learned.....

1. He does not like to be naked....that kind of sucks during sex if you ask me. He kept everything on except for his pants, which kind of have to go during sex. On the other side I am a bit of an nuddist, I love to be naked, and if I could I would be naked all the time. Not saying that he complains, I always strip down the minute I get to his house and I think he likes it that way.

2. For some reason he likes to have "funny" sex....funny to me is the kind where yes your are having sex but you tend to make fun of it. You make stupid animal sounds, like a growl or something. You tickle and make the other person laugh. While this is fun every once and a while, maybe not all the time (although I can't say he does it all the time because we only had sex once, but it seems that way). Yea well lets just say he was making fart noises on my stomach for about 30 minutes, and while it was cute at first it got old fast.

3. He got really emotional after while some of it is to blame on the alchol some of I do not. I am not talking about the cute kind where you snuggle and talk (which I also do not prefer but can deal with). It was more like a combination of "I really don't like having sex this early" coupled with "Don't hurt me like my last couple of girl friends." Which just makes you feel like you made a mistake and should of waited.

4. It seems that it is not going to happen again for a while....*sigh* now I can hold out if I have meet the person and not had sex with them, but when you have had sex with them what is the point of stoping again. Blah, you see dear readers as much as I hate to say it sex complicates things. I almost wish that it was just like a normal act, like shaking hands, now wouldn't that be fun.

Well that all kind of sucked there were some good things.

1. I got laid....*happy dance* it had been way to long and felt really good to be filled with a hard cock. After awhile masterbation just doesn't seem to do it anymore.

2. Our relationship became a little more perminate....hoping I can work out this M thing.

3. He is somewhat dominate...not truly dominate but he likes to be in charge, likes to spank, and likes to choke *big smile*.

4. Did I mention I got laid?

Well there you have it and heres to hopping I can write a really good post about a really great time *fingers crossed*.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a debby downer. but lose this guy. I know you will lose the choking which you love. But there are a couple things.

-Fearing being naked, means he cannot fully open up to you and or he has some sort of complex.
-The funny noises, he is immature at a certain level.
-Getting overly emmtional afterwards. It is a little dramatic. I have a stroy about that I will share on my blog, thanks for the reminder.
-Finally, like you said in the beginning of the post, it wasn't great sex or even good sex. You have to ask yourself, is he fulfilling you sexually? If not, will you be truly happy?? Smarty, ask yourself those questions, you don't want to end like me...*sigh*

Congrats on getting fucked though!!

Merlin said...

My experience has been that first time sex is usually disappointing. You have to learn how to arouse your partner, and you're both often nervous and a bit self-conscious.

This particular man, though, seems to be off the scale. It's very uncommon for a male to be shy about disrobing; usually it's the woman who is reluctant due to self-esteem issues. This is a big red flag. Trying to turn sex into childish play is even worse.

Often sex is better the second and third time, after you've gotten over your jitters and learned how to please your partner. I wouldn't bet the farm on that happening with this one, though.

Enchanted Mistress said...

Congratulations on getting laid!

The "funny" part. I'm thinking he is a bit nervous or it's the alcohol talking.

Sorry it wasn't all fire works and earth shaking sex. =0(

Anonymous said...

its the first step keep us posted ..