Thursday, January 29, 2009

My life just got simple and complicated.

Yea!!!! I told M he has to move out... I am so proud of myself. It sucked though because I had to crash on my friends couch last night, but it gave me an excuse to get him the hell out of there. (insert happy dance here). So my life got one step easier.

On the second had, my boss basically threatened me with my job. But I seems to have found one that offers better benefits. So i guess you could call it a lose/win situation. I am going to be checking into that today.

I was going to post a HNT but my computer has taken a trip with someones car. I told it that it couldn't go out unsupervised but it just did not listen. But I will leave you with this. I posted a while back that about a memory that I had with J (not sure if I revealed his name). Well I was out the other night and we got together and I got to relive that memory. I will write more with that latter along with a pick.


Max said...

HNT comment... such a little tease.

Anonymous said...