Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A dream

So I had a dream last night that left me waking up and panting and I thought I would share it.

She walked out of the bathroom in nothing but knee high white socks and black heels. Her hair was pulled into pig-tails as he had instructed her. He walked over to her and placed his hand between her legs "spread them" and she complied. He pressed his fingers against her slit. "Looks like someone had been naughty, I shouldn't even be touching you, you are nothing but a slut. Taste what a slut taste like." She hung her head shamefully and wanted to do nothing but please her master as she licked herself off his fingers.

"Now lay on the bed face down" she complied. He tied both hands and both feet to the bed. He took out a toy and placed it in her, she reacted by pushing against his hand. He smacked her ass hard, and she let out a whimper and knew she was not pleasing her Master. "You are not to cum" he instructed her. With that he turned the toy on and she could feel the vibration pushing on her G spot. She knew it wouldn't be long until she would be punished again, but she tried her hardest not to cum. Like a wave rushing over her she came, she knew she was in trouble

"I told you not to cum, and now you will receive you punishment." With that he propped her pelvis on a pillow, and gently started to rub his fingers around her rose bud and she gasped. She had never had anyone enter her there and she was afraid. She squirmed trying to resist him. He smacked her again. "If you keep trying to disobey me then this is going to get a lot worse."

She rested her head and defeat and knew that there was nothing she could do. He pushed one finger inside and she couldn't help but be shocked. Then he placed another inside her and she squirmed a little, he gave her two good swats, one on each check. She whimpered, she could feel another orgasm cumming on and wanted nothing more then to stop it, but she couldn't. She shook violently. She felt the tip of his rigid cock pushing against her opening and knew what her punishment would be. He entered here little by little, it hurt, she had never been stretched this much before and squirmed to get away. He grabbed her hips and held her still "I told you it would hurt a lot if you didn't stay still" and with that he thrust fully into her. She yelped and buried her face into the bed. She wanted to be everything her master wanted and she was going to do her best.

She turned her head to one side and replied "thank you Master" he ran his hand down her back and it calmed her. He began to slid in and out of her, she expected this to hurt but it didn't. She realized how full she felt from both her Master and the toy and came to enjoy the feeling. Before long she knew that she was going to come again, and she did hard. Her body shook and every muscle tensed in her. Her arms pulled against the ropes, trying to get her out and free to enjoy herself.

She had lost all her senses until her master left one great smack on her bare ass. She jumped, He took the toy out and replaced it with his hard dick and pounded her soaking cunt. She could feel him coming closer and pushed against him. He shook and collapsed on top of her. She could feel him feeling her up with his cum, and she whimpered. She wanted to taste him and he had denied her of that. "If you had behaved I would of let you taste me, but you didn't and this is part of your punishment. I am going to leave you her to think about your slutty ways." And with that he left her, she lay there thinking about everything, wishing she felt as full as she did minutes ago.


Max said...

You had me with knee high white socks and pig-tails.

Hoping you have more naughty dreams.

Anonymous said...

that was pretty good...*feeling flush*

I have to agree with Max, knee highs and pig tails are a nice combo.

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relevent married guy said...

I would have to just help myself a little after a dream like that!

Anonymous said...

Very hot post! Unfortunately, though, I'm not really in a place to handle this! Damn it!

Ed said...

YOu should post your dreams more often!