Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Somethings are back to normal

M is finally out of my apartment!!!!! Him and all of his shit are gone! I am so excited I should be doing back flips, but I can't so I will just smile and enjoy myself.

I got a blast from the past when my ex from GA contacted me on myspace. Its been about four years since I talked to him. He wrote "I have some really exciting news call me when you get this...." I can only thing that two things are to come of this, one he is getting married or having a kid (happens when your young and live in the south) or his band is going on tour and ending up in Denver. I am going to call him tonight when I get home and see what everything is about. It would be nice to catch up with him but I hate reliving memories with an ex.

Q and I had a good night last night. He cooked (because my idea of cooking involves a microwave and something in a plastic dish). It was good but took about four hours. So today I am dragging and just want to take a nap. Maybe if I shut my work door I will or just call it an early day and head home. Q has also turned me into a anime nerd, I have fallen in love with the series called Bleach, you should really check it out.

I also had a great weekend and Q, wink wink. I will write another post on that later when I am not at work.


Max said...

That must be a relief.

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