Friday, November 27, 2009

And the crazyness starts all over again.

Well I have no idea where to begin. After being in Ga for the summer Q and I broke up. I had a feeling that while he was in Co and I was in Ga he was seeing someone else, and guess what I was right. Go me, I guess. I got back to Colorado and decided that I wasn't going to date anyone..... That lasted for about a minute. His name, well letter for the purpose of this blog, is K.

Well K and I get a long great. We are both super silly together. But in real terms we are more like really good friends. I mean the sex is there but its not super passionate. I mean I miss the super aggressive kissing, being completely intertwined. both bodies glistening with sweat just having your back arch from a full body orgasm. It has been a while that I must say.

Plus it put a lack on my story writing. And then on top of all of that Q is playing games with my head.....I hate it. I found out that at my new job I work with his current girlfriend. Well needless to say she is a bitch, not just to me but also everyone else. Then the other night he comes out to tell me that they broke up (doubt it) and then he attempts to kiss me a few times (but I wouldn't let him, I don't cheat). I can't get him out of my damn head.

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