Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazies in my life

So everything in my life that was a little on the crazy side has seemed to simmer down.

I had to kick M out of my place after being such a jerk to my friends that were spending the weekend with me. I asked him to leave for the weekend because me and three friends would of been to much in my apt. Well he left for the night and then showed up as we are all trying to get over our hang overs and just walks in like nothing is going on and that it is just a normal day. He comes in turns his computer and and just starts playing music (really loud), doesn't say hi or anything. I apologize to my friends and they pack their things up and leave (back to the mountains for work). I try and talk to M and he just keeps turning the music up. I look at him and tell him that he needs to be out by the end of the week. He flicks me off and puts it right in my face. I tell him he needs to get out right this minute. He says he is not leaving. I then have to call my best guy friend, A. He asked who I called and I said you will find out when they get here but the next person I am calling is my dad. So he left and for the past two weeks or more we have been going back and forth so to get his things from my apt. He has even gone as far as to call the cops. The only problem, its my apt and he has no legal standing.

Things with Q are going good. I mentioned before that he found my blog so I guess if he is still reading it then I should say Hi! We had a nice weekend I guess you could say he worked and I went out with friends and then we meet at my place later in the night. I am normally asleep and once I am out I am out. I remember as a kid growing up in Georgia there would be a lot of tornado's that would go through and I would sleep right through them, even thought the fire department was near our house and the sirens were so loud, it would never wake me up. We did get into some mischief Saturday and man has it been a long time. I will post more later on that, it was really really hot.

My grandmother came into town. And though I love her dearly I have a hard time connecting and having a conversation with her. So these next two weeks means that I will be spending more time with the family.

Now I am sitting at work, hating my job like there is no tomorrow. I am in the process of trying to find a new one but with the way everything is right now I am not sure that will happen any time soon.


Carol said...

I love your blog. Best wishes from another Georgia girl.

Memphis Steve said...

"simmer down" eh? Yep, you are in the south. :)

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